Hey there! It’s so nice to meet you…

If you’ve landed on my blog and never heard of me your probably wondering who the heck I am, right? Well, my name is Kassandra but I go by Kass and it’s so nice to meet you! I’m pretty stoked you’ve found my blog.

My ultimate goal is to show you my way of healthy living in hopes to help you and other people on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. You see, last year in 2016 life hit me pretty hard and unexpectedly.

Now before I tell you my story I want to start off by saying I always thought I was pretty healthy. I would go to the gym a few times a week, eat pretty healthy (at least I thought I ate pretty healthy) and read up on fitness articles.


This is a picture of me about a month or two prior to me being admitted to ICU. I was 25 years old in this picture and just as happy as a plum. I thought I looked pretty decent, lol actually I thought I looked pretty good to be honest. I had lost some extra baby weight that I had been carrying after I had my son so I was one happy girl.  Now, by no means at all am I body shaming myself but my lifestyle now compared to last year is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

I’ve now realized that I ate absolutely TERRIBLE! And I mean TERRIBLE. 

I was guilty of eating fast food 2-3 times a day, the most processed foods and carbs galore. You could of called me a carbivore I seriously couldn’t get enough. And yes, the word carbivore is a made up word, at least I think it is.

At the time I was using an amazing nutrition line, which I follow today. I just didn’t take it serious and I definitely wasn’t as consistent as I am now. CONTINUE READING…